Long Distance Moving From Rhode Island to South Carolina

Looking For Long Distance Movers Who Go To South Carolina?

From north to south and east of the Mississippi River, Gentry Moving Company knows what it takes to complete an long distance move safely and efficiently.

Moving from one state to another, such as moving from Rhode Island to South Carolina, may become necessary. It could be for the sake of your family, economic state, or your retirement plans. South Carolina is a state of choice when you are considering a change of location.

Any size move, big or small, can be extremely overwhelming. When you choose Gentry Moving, we take the burden away and ensure that your long distance moving experience will make your transition as smooth and painless as possible.

No matter where you are moving to or from on the east coast, Gentry Moving is here to help you.

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When deciding to work with a company such as Gentry Moving, you can rest assured knowing that our moving services will make the entire process as smooth as possible. Gentry covers all of your needs to ensure the big day is as worry-free as you deserve. For our most comprehensive moving package, Gentry can be there to pack up all of your personal belongings with care and respect. Our strategic organizing, packaging and labeling will guarantee a smooth process. We utilize stackable and crush resistant shipping cartons, Gentry packaging crates, wardrobe boxes and specialized materials of various sizes – all of which are reusable and environmentally friendly. After carefully transporting your belongings to your new home, we can work to unpack your possessions and set up your new home far exceeding your expectations. Furniture assembly, removal of packing materials, and temporary/long term storage solutions, we can be there to help. Let us do all of the heavy lifting and support your every move.

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Considering moving to South Carolina? Here’s what you need to know!

The Top 5 Reasons People Move From RI to SC

It’s hard to get accurate quotes from interstate moving companies when you’re not quite sure where you’re moving to. If you’re tired of high taxes, bad traffic, and expensive heating bills, consider moving to South Carolina!

    • You won’t freeze every winter. Unlike Rhode Island, which has average winter temperate of 20.3°F to 42.1°F, winters in South Carolina are much more bearable. Temperatures generally range from 36.9°F to 62.3°F, so you’ll actually be able to enjoy the winter months again!
    • There’s plenty of outdoor activities. From hiking and fishing to beachcombing at the Grand Strand, South Carolina has plenty of things to keep you busy all summer long! Want to do something different? Try ziplining in Charleston!
    • It’s cheaper than Florida! Many people go to Florida when they want to move to a warmer climate, but South Carolina has similar summer temperatures at a much lower cost. Whereas FL scores above the national average with a cost-of-living index of 102.8, SC is far below at 88.5, making it a much better choice (especially for retirees!).
    • Property taxes are some of the lowest in the US. With average property taxes of only 0.57% (opposed to the national average of 1.1%), South Carolina is one of the best states in the nation to purchase property in!
    • You’ll love the beaches. From crowd favorites like Myrtle Beach to hidden gems such as Daufuskie Island, this state will never cease to amaze you with all of its waterfront wonders!

Now you know why you should go; here’s where you should go!

You’ll have a lot of different options when you’re moving to South Carolina. Even if you ultimately decide to reside in a smaller town, these are three cities (in no particular order) you’ll still want to check out!

1. Greenville – “Yeah, That Greenville!”
Rated the “#6 Small City in the US” by the Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards, this little city has 16 breweries, 30+ waterfalls, and 7 local coffee shops for you to visit. You can also head over to the Greenville Zoo to see lions, pandas, orangutans, and more!

2. Beaufort – “The Queen of the Carolina Sea Islands”
This beautiful city, located on Port Royal Island, is full of charm & family fun! There are many great local restaurants, art galleries, and the beach is only a short drive away. Fun fact: Beaufort is home to The Kazoo Factory, which is the only factory in the US to produce kazoos year-round!

3. Charleston – “The Holy City”
Chances are, you’ve heard of this city, and for good reason! Charleston (also known as Chucktown) is home to famous landmarks like the Ravenel Bridge and the Angel Oak Tree, which is an oak tree thought to be between 400-500 years old!

Now that the long distance movers have left, it’s time to see the best of The Palmetto State!

  • Myrtle Beach – This popular tourist destination is actually a city! Although you can definitely check out the beach, there’s tons more to do here, such as visiting Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach, venturing down the boardwalk, or riding the SkyWheel (which is America’s 6th tallest Ferris wheel!).
  • South of the Border – When you’re moving to South Carolina, you’ll most likely notice one of the 175 signs for this famous attraction, which stretch from all the way from Georgia up to Virginia along the sides of I-95. This unique landmark is part theme park/part truck stop, making it the perfect way to break up a long ride!

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