Whether moving to a senior living facility, or down-sizing to a space that is more appropriate for their new lifestyle, moving can be stressful and emotionally draining for seniors. Moving to an assisted living facility, a nursing home, or a retirement community requires a lot of time for preparation and planning in advance. Here is a list of things you should do when preparing for a senior move for a smoother relocation.

  1. Plan The Move Carefully: Begin taking inventory of everything in the home from the most remote corners of the basement and work your way through the entire house.
  1. Create A Checklist: Make a moving checklist of things to remember such as, transferring your prescriptions or filing a change of address with the post office.
  1. Sort and Organize: Moving seniors involves downsizing. Categorize objects to make the process easier: items to be moved, keepsakes to be left with family, items to be sold or donated, and items to be thrown out.
  1. Plan Effectively: Before families begin the sorting and organizing process, it will help to have a visual of what they are getting into. Draw out the floor plan of the new home and plan where you things will fit best.
  1. Know what to expect: Do your homework on the living facility and make sure all of your questions are answered ahead of time. It will be less stressful if you know what to expect.
  1. Keep your loved one involved: Your loved one will feel a sense of control over the move if they are a part of the planning and decision-making about their new home. Let your loved one decide which activities are most important, for example, or which possessions he or she wishes to bring along.
  1. Hire Outside Help: Booking a full service move will take the stress out of the seniors. Sometimes it’s easier for them to work with an outside party rather than with their children. Gentry Moving specializes in moving seniors. We have extensive experience with senior moving, so we understand the situation and the delicate aspects that come with moving seniors. By choosing Gentry Moving to help with your senior move, the process can become less subjective and an ultimately smoother experience for everyone that is involved. Let us handle the complete relocation and take the burden off of you.